Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Which Stocks and ETFs are tracked on this site?

As part of our regular trend monitoring service (not the morning trends service) we monitor stock and ETFs that had total market cap of more than 30 BUSD when we started the monitoring service. This does not mean the current market capy is exactly that as market caps keep changing. As part of our 'morning trends' service we are looking at stocks / ETFs that had market cap of 1 BUSD or more. Since this is checked every day before building the list, this is more current. More importantly, the current scope includes stocks and ETFs traded in US markets only.

When is a trend considered "strong" or "good" for trading?

When trend score (see definition of trend score given under separate FAQ on this page) is more than 80, it is considered to be a "strong" or "good" trend for trading. Trend scores below 80 are considered to be relatively weaker trends and hence not recommended for trading. Scores above 80 are strong enough that we recommend them for opening trades. However, this is only our recommedation and should not be taken as trading advice. Users are expected to do their own assessment before making actual trading decisions.

What is STAS - Stock Trends Alert Service?

Our system will keep monitoring the stocks (and ETFs) during regular trading hours every day, every week, round the clock. Whenever a
strong trend definition of strong trend is given in FAQs section below ...
is detected, it will send you a small email notification. This service is referred to as STAS (Stock Trends Alert Service). The email alert will tell you which stock was identified, direction of the trend and reference price-point at which the trend was detected. You can decide what to do with it. Note that, alert emails are only for your review. They are not meant to be trading decisions or advice. Please use your discretion when making actual trading decisions. Alerts only indicate what we consider a strong trend. Also note that this service is available for the large cap stocks (and ETFs) only. It is not available at this point for morning trends.

What is a 'trend score'?

Trend score is nothing but a number calculated by our system using our proprietary trend scoring mechanism. It is not really that complex. In simple words, the system keeps assigning +1 or -1 score to price readings of a given stock of ETF every hour. +1 is given if the price being read is higher than the last price and -1 if it is lower. We sum up all such individual scores to come up with the cummulative number which is then shown as the trend score. We also put higher weightage on the more recent scrores so the latest movements get higher value as compared to older movements. This is repeated on 4 hour and 1 day scales. All such scores are summed up to create final trend score.

What is a 'trend score profile'?

Each ticker symbol is associated with trend scores (refer to the question above on what trend scores are and how they are calculated). Trend scores are calculated on 1 hr, 4 hr and 1 day timeframes. A profile built for each ticket symbol by showing all its trend scores in one place is referred to as 'trend score profile.' We show few more details such as overall trend score, last recorded price (this is the price we read from our source during the last hourly reading), current trend direction, trading recommendation (if any). When all these data points are shown together, it constitutes the 'trend score profile' of that company.