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STAS This is our email alerts service. More details are available in FAQs section ...
- Stock Trend Alert Service.


Average 7.31% gain recorded per alert *


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Log of last 100 alerts generated by our system:


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* - Numbers indicate our price readings taken at approximately 1 hour intervals for the stocks or ETFs identified by our alerts. It assumes that the trades are opened at the price indicated at the time the alert is issued. It is important to note that these are not actual trading results. The actual trading results may defer as they depend on various factors such as when exactly the trade was opened, the spread at the time, when was the trade closed etc. Numbers are shown as a reference of "possible" profits the users can make and not an indication or guarantee of actual profits. In stock trading, losses are also possible.

* - Alerts per day is an average number. It may happen that there are more than 1 alert in a particular day and none for some of the days. System has no set number of alerts that it sends out every day. System sends out alerts as and when the right market conditions are detected.